About Lisa

The beginning

Lisa’s story starts like millions of other kids in the UK with very little. Very little money, very little in the way of opportunities and very little expectation for her to be anything more than, well, average.

But she knew she had potential, and eventually she moved away, applied for, and was offered jobs. The past started to look just a bit further away for Lisa as her baby steps led towards a potentially brighter future.

A circuitous route including chicken farming, acting, TV presenting, being a PA, a high flying, but physically and mentally draining city job and gaining a law degree whilst working full time, kept her busy, but she still didn’t feel like she was on the right path.


A dramatic shift

Her life shifted dramatically when in 2011, her twin sons made their entry into the world. 5 months later, she was back at work, still in a job where she worked all the hours and rarely saw her kids.

At this point Lisa knew she had to stop and re-assess. Something had to change or she would be sacrificing either (a) her relationship with her young family, (b) her health, (c) her sanity, (d) her successful career.

This resulted in the birth of her first business - a wedding planning company, but she soon realised she knew nothing about running a business and expensive mistakes were commonplace while couples wanting to make use of her wedding planning skills were thin on the ground.


Business transformation

She knew she needed to understand the way businesses work - what makes some succeed and others fail. So she found a business coach, she studied and learned and her business went from no clients to fully booked with perfect clients in 5 months while charging more.

This was all down to strategic planning, no longer winging it, leading to industry colleagues wanting the inside story, so she helped them to improve their businesses. For free. It seemed that Lisa had a knack for helping businesses making money without making it complex and full of jargon.


Strategic growth

Lisa then realised this could actually be a profitable income stream, so her consulting business was born and launched and within 6 months she hit 6 figures and every programme she launched was sold out.

But she knew that she needed to be more efficient, to work less hours, so she could spend more time doing what she loved, travelling with her family. So she invested in herself, spending over £150k in one year on coaching and courses with some of the best people on the planet.

She improved, developed and personalised what worked when it came to income streams like courses and memberships. 6 years later she now earns the majority of her income from these income streams, only taking on 1:1s rarely and because she wants to.


Making an impact

Today Lisa turns over multi-seven figures annually and is the only UK based online strategist to consistently see multi-seven figure launches, including a £2m launch in the middle of a pandemic.

In her first year of business, Lisa worked about 80 hours a week. She now works on average 30 hours a month. And she is proud of the fact that she didn’t spend a penny on ads or employ a team member until she’d made her first million.

Lisa is her brand. She is honest, she is forthright, she is relatable and she genuinely loves sharing her story and helping others to be inspired to maximise their potential.

Companies founded by Lisa Johnson

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I wouldn't have achieved what I have today without the tough times I experienced in my younger years. I faced relentless bullying for being poor, ill, and the odd one out. I was never the cool or popular kid, and there was no magical transformation into a confident adult.

The mission

In this online world, that is shrunk to the size of the phones in our hands, seeing the bullying tactics still being used every day is what lights a fire within her.

Lisa’s mission is to never stop fighting tirelessly to call out the use of unscrupulous and unethical methods used so frequently in the online world.

She genuinely loves sharing her knowledge and seeing the thousands of people she has worked with flourish and grow, and she sees this as intrinsically linked to her values, her ethics and her strength of belief that anyone can become whatever they want to be.

Lisa firmly believes that she is nothing special. She has no super powers or magical insights into what works and what does not work in business. What she does possess is diligence, commitment and a fire in her belly. A desire to help others to success by being true to who they are.

Lisa is so grateful for her platform and for the opportunities it grants her to do just this, as an ambassador for the charity BulliesOut.

About BulliesOut

I’m really proud to be an ambassador for the brilliant charity BulliesOut.

There’s been a lot of bullying in my own story which started when I was one of the only ‘council house kids’ at a prestigious school which I won a scholarship for and continued into my first marriage as a teenager, into work and finally the online bullying that comes with being visible as a business owner.

I believe that education is key when it comes to bullying – not just for the person being bullied but for the bully and the bystander too. I know that we can use adversity in our lives to either stop us from living an amazing life or we can use it to fuel our success and that’s the route I took. Others have not been so lucky and need our help.

The more we can help charities like BulliesOut, the more they can help those who need it. Membership of the charity starts at just £5. Check it out here: