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003 Why Your Background Doesn’t Determine Your Wealth

In this episode, we will discuss why your background doesn’t have to determine your wealth. To understand this, we will analyse how our early experiences with money and childhood trauma shape our money mindset and our relationship with wealth. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What my money mindset and my opinion of wealthy people were growing up

– How our money mindset can block us from achieving our goals

– What is the proper way of using our money mindset to attract wealth

– The three things that helped me improve my money mindset

How we develop our money mindset is not directly related to how wealthy our family was when we were kids. Although people from rich families are more likely to accumulate wealth, childhood trauma can prevent them on the subconscious level from making money. If our money mindset is not in the right place, it can act as a limiting force for our company’s growth and expansion. 


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