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006 How to be Consistently Visible to Increase Profit

Today, we will learn how to be consistently visible in our business to increase profit. We will define what kind of content we need to put out there to make people come to us rather than chase them. We will learn how to use funnels, and I’ll share four different ways we can use to attract more eyes to our content. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why we must focus on creating quality content

– How we can use our funnels more efficiently

– The importance of consistency in our content creation, streaming, and outreach between launches

– How we can speak in front of other people’s audiences 

As in many other aspects of our business, consistency is critical to enhancing our visibility. Flooding our audience’s feed right before a launch will generate rejection. We can use plenty of tools instead to record or create content in advance to save time and concentrate our efforts. 


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