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008 How to Work Out Your Passive Income Idea

In today’s episode, we will learn how to work out our passive income idea. We already went through the different types of passive incomes available to create.

Now, we will unravel how to make our one-to-many model, and I will showcase three different ways that will help us develop our passive or semi-passive income idea. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How we can use our expertise in a particular subject to create a one-to-many model

– Two common obstacles in creating a passive income idea

– Why generating competitors in our industry is good for us

– How we can use our past experience or our passion in the creation of our passive income idea

Being an expert doesn’t mean knowing everything about a subject, just more than the average person. And although many people could be doing what we want to do, no one will do it the way we do it. All of us have unique expertise and talents, and we must exploit that when creting passive or semi-passive income streams. 


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