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009 How to Stay Motivated When Money Isn’t Coming In

In this episode, we will talk about staying motivated when our business is not bringing money. We will understand why so many online entrepreneurs give up their business in the first year, and we will demystify the stories about having a big WHY as a guiding force in our business.

I will also share some tips to help us stay motivated when our business numbers are not as expected.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why only 5% of online entrepreneurs keep their businesses after one year

– The myth around the big WHY, and how it can be detrimental to our company

– Why comparing our business with others’ is not a good idea

– How consistency and patience can help us succeed with our business

There are a million ways of making a million dollars, hundreds of different and practical strategies to do it, and hundreds of people who can say it is true. However, the critical elements of any successful strategy are consistency, patience, and a healthy mindset. We must truly believe we can succeed, keep trying, and the money will come. 


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