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010 How To Deal With People Who Treat you Badly Online

In today’s episode, we will learn how to deal with people treating us poorly online. I will share some of my experiences with cyberbullying, negative rumours spread about me and my business, trolls, and copyright infringements and how I reacted to them. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– The truth nobody told me about the link between visibility and people being mean online

– What we can expect to hear or read about us online from competitors, students, and part of our audience

– Why learning about compassion changed the way I see online mean comments and cyberbullying

– What are the firefighter and protective parts, and how do they influence our behaviour

I’ve learned that people being mean to someone else don’t feel good about themselves, and that someone copying someone else’s content doesn’t feel very confident about their own stuff. Approaching things that way was vital to changing how I react to negativity from haters, trolls, and bullies. 


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