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011 How To Work Together Without Getting Divorced

Today’s episode is about how to work with our spouses without wanting a divorce. To help me answer this question, I brought Sam Johnson, my husband, as the first guest to the show. We talk about our experiences working together, what we discovered about ourselves and each other, and how we learned to identify and use our skills for the company’s benefit. We also share some tips we believe are fundamental to make this business relationship work smoothly. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How our first experience working together worked out

– The things we did wrong when we started Lisa Johnson Consulting business, and what we learned from them

– Which details helped us manage to work in the same house and to see each other all-day

– How acknowledging and respecting your individual skills help you make your business relationship better

Working from home, something that became very common during the pandemic, requires discipline, among many other things. When we work from home in the same company as our spouse, being in separate rooms is crucial, because it increases the feeling of “being at work,” creates a healthy space, and we avoid seeing each other’s face 24/7, which is never a good idea. 


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