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014 How To Think Like A CEO To Grow Your Business Quicker

This episode is about the mindset change we must make to run our company. We will talk about how to start acting like a CEO rather than an entrepreneur. We will explore what I’ve changed, what I struggled with, and what worked really well after I abandoned the entrepreneurial approach of my business. We will look at what we need to change regarding our staff, investing in our company, strategy, boundaries, and much more.  

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • The difference between seeing ourselves as the business and being the leader of that business
  • How hiring people can liberate us and make our operations run smoothly and more efficiently
  • Why changing who we are on social media is vital
  • Why implementing boundaries is so hard yet so rewarding in the long run

When I started running my business, it felt like I was playing at having a business. It felt like a game because I was working things out along the way. The sensation of feeling like a fraud disappeared when I started making money, which made me feel like an entrepreneur. But then I realised that if I wanted to have a game-changing profitable business, an entrepreneur mindset wasn’t enough. I needed a CEO mindset. 


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