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017 How Hiring an Operation Manager Elevated My Business

Today’s episode is special as I’ve decided to bring my rockstar Operations Manager, Zoë Dew. In this show, we will cover what an Operations Manager does, why you need them, and what it is like being one. In addition, we will break down the characteristics you should look for in an Operation Manager for your business and how to know if you really need one. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Who Zoë is, and what is her role in my company

– How Zoë decided to stop running her own business and start working with me

– What are the things every Operations Manager should have

– Why it is vital to find an Operations Manager who shares your core values

– Why it is crucial to find an Operations Manager who is strong and confident enough to challenge you

An Operations Manager is not something you’ll need in the first years of your business. But once you are an established business and you really need one, you should look for an Operations Manager who is capable of solving issues the same way you would and, at the same time, someone who doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. 


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