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018 How Affiliate Launches Tripled My Revenue

Affiliate launches is a controversial topic. Some people believe there is something obscure about them, and at the same time there is this belief that they don’t require a lot of work. None of this is true. Today I’ve decided to record another episode on affiliate launches to clarify some of the misconceptions around them, offer some examples of how we do them, and the benefits we can get from doing them correctly. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What precisely is an affiliate launch

– Why my first experience with affiliate launches didn’t work

– The main three things we base our affiliate launches on and the impact we are already making in the industry

– The one thing we are still working on within our affiliate launches

– Three reasons why I believe affiliate launches are great

Aligning our affiliate launches with integrity caused a massive impact. We had great revenue in the first launch and it multiplied every time we launched again. Our strategy was so successful that I saw several colleagues copying what we did. Instead of getting mad, it has made me happy because I’m changing the industry through one of my core values. 


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