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019 How to Make Changes in Your Life When You’re Heading Down the Wrong Path

My guest on the show today is Niki Kinsella, a Reiki master, yoga teacher, meditation coach, best-selling author of “The Feminine Energy Guide,” shamanic healer, QHEH teacher trainer, and intuitive tarot reader. Niki is a very spiritual person, whereas I’m much more down to the strategy side. However, what Niki says makes a lot of sense to me. She has a scientific approach to spirituality, and I believe it is what we can learn from others that matters, regardless of our beliefs or faith systems.  

In this episode, Niki talks about the traumatic childhood that led her to develop people-pleasing traits and become a bully-beacon. We go through her healing journey and her decision to dedicate her life to helping others. We also talk about the misconception about spirituality in the coaching business, narcissistic abuse, and much more.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How Niki Kinsella empowers other people and helps them raise their self-awareness

– How Nikk turned into a people-pleaser and what challenges it brought into her life

– Why people who suffered abuse during their childhood tend to attract bullies to their lives

– How Niki’s healing journey began and what made her decide to start helping others

One of Niki’s work pillars is raising self-awareness. She believes that part of the healing process is to ask ourselves about what we want, what we like to do, what we love, and then do that. To Niki, big changes don’t necessarily have to be big; they must feel big to us. 


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