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020 How You Can Live a Life You Love After a Tragedy

Trigger warning: Death is mentioned in this episode. 

With me today is the fantastic Stacey MacDonald, Communication Expert, Speaker, Writer, Storyteller, and Mom. Stacey has over 25 years of communication experience working with giants like JP Morgan, Coca Cola, and Disney, among many others. She is also the owner of The Modern Storyteller and Host of the P.S. Club.

Our conversation revolves around how Stacey’s life changed when she found her husband dead in the living room, only 62 days after getting married. We talk about the grief stages she went through, her unfulfilling progress in the corporate world, and the moment she decided to stop being a widow to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Who Stacey MaCdonald is and what storytelling means to her

– How she navigated her grief, and why she decided to make radical changes in her life

– Why transparency and authenticity is crucial when we talk to our audience

– What are the things we should focus on to deal with adversity

After losing her husband, Stacey took a massive promotion, a dream job 500 miles away. She ended up hating that job, but it made her realise that wasn’t what she wanted for her life. Stacey decided she wouldn’t be someone else’s Communications Manager anymore. She would take a leap of faith and start doing what she loves – helping people tell their own stories. 


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