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022 Is There Still a Taboo Around Women Making Money?

Today, I’m joined by The Cash Flow Queen, Kylie Anderson. Kylie is an online business strategist who helps highly skilled professionals, coaches and therapists to create their signature programs and stop trading time for money. Her motto is, work less and earn more, whilst making an impact and changing other people’s lives.

I’m really excited because we’re having an open and honest conversation about money. We explore the troubled relationships people have with money, how they talk about it, and how they solve their money issues. We also talk about people’s judgment of those who have money and are not afraid of showing it, the taboo around money, and much more. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How Kylie Anderson helps her clients and what her relationship with money is

– The difference between how men and women own being wealthy

– Why we should normalise money conversations with our friends

– The differences between how men and women think about investing

– How to create more channels to talk about money

– The lack of integrity around money in the coaching industry 

The more we embrace money conversations, the more we will take from it. Keeping money as a taboo subject and judging people with money won’t help us make any progress. If we can show people that it’s possible to make money without being judged, we will cause a massive ripple effect of people knowing and believing they can also make money and have fulfilling lives. 


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