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024 The Numbers Behind the Scenes of Our £2.5m Launch

I hope you like numbers, because today, I’ll reveal every detail of our last launch. As honesty and transparency are part of our core pillars, I thought it was appropriate to share how much revenue we had, how much we’ve spent on ads, ambassadors, affiliates, and incentive prizes. I will also take you through the things that worked really well, the ones that didn’t, what we’ve learned from this affiliate launch, the things we are not doing again, and much more. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why it is crucial to set objectives for your launch, and what our financial, learning, values, and exposure objectives were for this launch

– The four steps in which we structured this launch

– Where our more significant revenue come from

– The lessons we learned from this launch, and what things we are not doing again in future launches

One of the first things we did as a team was to establish the objectives – we sat down and wrote the goals we were aiming for with this launch. Data and metrics are fundamental because they help us see where we did better or not, compared to our last launch. 


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