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025 Finding Your Relevance in Life and Business

Joining me today is a dear friend Yvonne Bridges. She is a speaker, author, diversity, equity, and inclusion expert, and a champion for ambitious women who want to feel relevant, courageous, fulfilled and strong.  

In this episode, we talked about Yvonne’s journey from a secure position in the corporate world as a VP to taking the leap of faith and starting her own business. Yvonne kindly shared how being diagnosed with cancer and the effects of isolation during the pandemic made her discover one of her fundamental values. She used that discovery to write a book and build an online community of mid-life women who support each other, uplift each other, and hold each other as they move through their own mid-life journey. 

What You Will In This Episode:

– How Yvonne Bridges uses the values she’s holding to help other women feel relevant

– How powerful it can be to ask ourselves what we are going to stop doing

– What are the things that make us feel we are relevant

– What we can do if we are not feeling relevant in our lives

To Yvonne, relevance is not about having a bunch of money. Relevance is an inside job. It is about knowing we matter and knowing where our power lives. It’s about stepping into the arena and standing the rotten tomatoes from the cheap seats, knowing there are people on the balcony who support us and stand with us. Being relevant is also about creating a community of other women who are also relevant.


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