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026 How to Get Back Up When it All Goes Wrong in Business

I have a special guest joining me today, a leader who empowers people to have success and wealth in alignment with who they really are, the amazing Kelly Viking. Kelly is an intuitive, inspiring, heart-led Business Leader, Mentor, Author, Speaker and Creator of The Divine Business Code & Divine Alignment. Kelly’s vision is to deeply empower women to shine in their own light, to step into their true power, with strength, truth and Viking Warrior Wings.

We had a fantastic conversation about Kelly’s journey into financial liberation and mentorship. She shared her story of resilience, how she fought for what she believed she deserved, and how powerful it is for her to be in alignment with who she truly is. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– How Kelly Vikings empowers people to discover who they are and build a successful business based on that identity

– How growing her business as an estate agent too fast was detrimental to Kelly’s entrepreneurial journey

– What helped Kelly get back on track and regain control of her life and business

– What Kelly’s purpose in life is and how she uses her business to accomplish it

When Kelly decided to take a risk and start a business, it took off very well and started growing fast. But after a meteoric rise and success, she started having problems, and in two and half years she lost everything, even her house. But she didn’t give up, she put herself together and went for it again; double the tenacity, double the hunger for success, and she made it, again. 


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