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027 How Network Marketing Can Be a Great Step To Entrepreneurship with Monique Sveinsson

Today I have the pleasure to interview the CEO and Founder of our brand new sponsor, Perfect Planner Co., Monique Sveinsson. 

We talked about Perfect Planner’s unique products, which I use and love. Monique shared her journey from theatre stage manager to the corporate world, and then founding her own company and becoming an entrepreneur. We go through Monique’s impressive experience in show business and the valuable lessons she got from her time there. We also delve into her heartbreaking story of resilience, love and how she found strength in her loved ones. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why Monique Sveinsson decided to start Perfect Planner Company

– Why network marketing gets a lot of unfair bad press

– Monique’s story that made her realise how life is too short

– How Monique expanded her business and how she helps other companies succeed using her products

Monique spent almost 30 years as a theatre stage manager, a job that demands an exceptional level of organisation. The number of moving parts and little details that depended on her was absurd. Then she decided to migrate to network marketing, a home-based business that was the stepping stone into entrepreneurship. Starting Perfect Planner Co. seemed not only the right thing to do, but also the most aligned with who she is. 


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