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028 Why You Need To find The Passion In Your Business

Today I’m joined by the fabulous Sarah Aspinall, Founder and Instructor of Breaking Ballet, to discuss one of my favourite topics – being passionate about what we do. 

We had a fantastic conversation about the challenging but rewarding path of following our dreams and passions. Sarah shared her own story of how she decided to leave her 9 to 5 job as a lawyer to return to ballet, her first love. We also talked about using passion as fuel to run our business, like a magnet to attract clients and as a repellent for failure. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Who Sarah Aspinall is and why she decided it was about time to pursue her passion

– How ballet helped her overcome a few issues when she was a child

– Why being passionate about what we do is crucial to run a business

– How a simple research can help us approach our business with integrity and help us decide if that is what we really want for ourselves

After a traumatic experience in New York for her birthday, Sarah started thinking seriously about how she was living her life. At that time, she was most of the time seated at a desk, feeling she was crushing her body and losing not only her fitness but her inspiration to move. She decided to reconnect with her body and tried all kinds of workouts, but nothing fulfilled her as ballet. She then decided to become a qualified ballet teacher, and after some time, started her business, Breaking Ballet. 


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