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029 Is Cancel Culture the Right Way Forward?

Today I want to talk about ‘cancel culture.’ And since the conversation would be a little biased if I did it on my own, I have Ange Wakeling, my marketing manager, alongside me to talk about this widely debated topic. Fortunately or unfortunately, no one’s immune to cancel culture. It doesn’t matter how long ago a person made a seemingly unforgivable mistake or how genuine their apologies are, cancel culture is brutal and it takes no prisoners. But is cancel culture an effective way of holding people accountable, or just a retribution without a chance for redemption?

What You’ll Learn:

– What cancel culture is

– The pros and cons of cancel culture

– How I overcame a cancellation attempt on my brand

– Cancel culture, social status, and its impact on society

– Has cancel culture gone too far?

– Reputational damage vs. personal opinion

Yes, cancel culture makes people pay for their actions but it can be extreme at times. It seems like people get harsh punishments because some other people are willing to go out of their way to hurt others. Hopefully, this conversation will help you figure out what to do when cancel culture comes knocking on your door.


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