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030 How to Deal with Bullying as an Entrepreneur with Carla Shohet

Joining me today is Carla Shohet, a Life and Business strategist as well as a fellow anti-bullying campaigner. I brought Carla on today to chat about what to do if you, as an entrepreneur, are being bullied, and not just online but also offline, how that affects your business and what you can do about it. Bullying is at its peak right now, and although entrepreneurs are supposed to have tough skin, it can certainly be overwhelming. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What bullying is 

– Why not reacting to bullying can help mitigate its effects

– How to deal with online and offline bullying

– Carla’s THINK acronym for posting online

– How to employ empathy when dealing with bullies

– Why everybody needs a personal coach

– How to protect yourself when bullying goes too far

– When and how to have a conversation with a bully

It’s no secret that most entrepreneurs will feel bullied at least once in their business life. So, rather than talk about it and do nothing about it, what can we do to stop bullying from occurring in our own organisations? What are the best ways for entrepreneurs to deal with bullies who target their businesses? I hope this episode gives you some insights and answers to help you protect yourself and your business. 

Links and Resources:

– BulliesOut.com https://bulliesout.com/ 

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