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031 Why There’s No Cookie-Cutter Method When it Comes to Visibility with Sara Wisniewski

In today’s episode, I am joined by Sara Wisniewski, a visibility coach and mentor to female entrepreneurs. Today we talk about why visibility is important, and what you can do to become more visible in your business. Here’s the thing, your business is not all that unique – other people are already doing it and they may even be better than you. So, what can you do to differentiate yourself from the competition? Visibility is the only thing that will make you stand out from the masses, and Sara explains how to increase it. 

What You’ll Learn:

– Understanding visibility from a business perspective

– How to become more visible in your business

– Why it’s okay to ask for help

– How to overcome self-limiting beliefs

– The power of consistency and authenticity when building visibility

– Growth and the probability of success

Building visibility starts the moment you decide you want to have a business. It can be super scary for some people and that’s completely normal. But you need to realise that if you don’t show up, you’re losing the chance to connect with your ideal audience. 


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