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037 The Cost Of Being A Female Entrepreneur with Emma Clayton

I have a great conversation for you today, as I’m joined by Emma Clayton who helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses, and in this episode, we’re going to explore the real cost of being a female entrepreneur. 

In recent years more and more women have been leaving employment in favour of self-employment for the flexibility and autonomy it can offer, but as we know, starting a business is not easy.  The digital age has opened up so many opportunities, but we’ve not seen the same growth in support for female start-ups, and we deserve better. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– The true financial and emotional cost of being a female entrepreneur and how this compares to our male counterparts. 

– How the system is failing women with the gender pay gap and inflexibility for primary caregivers. 

– Emma’s mission to see female founders better looked after enabling them to thrive and build successful businesses. 

– How to raise your prices in line with your worth, your goals and not sell yourself short. 

 – What to do when you want to scale your business. 


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