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042 Client Conversations with Dani Wallace and Tom Stanhope

We’re doing something a bit different today as the brilliant Dani Wallace and Tom Stanhope take over the podcast. 

I’ve worked with both Dani and Tom for around 3 years, so today I wanted them to sit in for me and share their business journeys detailing how they moved away from trading time for money to building the successful businesses they always dreamed of. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • As One to Many alumni, Tom & Dani share their experience of being a part of the programme and how it has transformed their life and work.
  • How Dani & Tom met and struck up a friendship out of their joint passion for personal development and the satisfaction they find in seeing one another thrive.
  • Growing their businesses has not always been easy so Tom & Dani discuss some of the challenges they’ve both faced and how their attitude towards growth has changed over the years.
  • And in their own words, the extra benefits and value they found in being a part of One to Many and their advice to anyone who is considering joining the programme.


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