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044 How to find resilience in a chaotic world with Bev Cripps

Collectively the last 2 years have been a lot for everyone to process and there continues to be a lot going on in the world. For that reason I think it’s important we talk about resilience and how to bring some calm in chaotic times.  

Joining me for this conversation is Bev Cripps, a resilience expert, a criminal barrister and hypnotherapist – who having gone through a really tough time has put in place small daily rituals that help her feel grounded and build her resilience by taking positive steps to boost her growth and wellbeing. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Inner resilience comes down to strategy and a few fundamental pillars which Bev shares with us in this episode.

– It’s possible to ground yourself when the ground beneath you is moving and here’s how you can carve out a bit of calm for yourself even when you think you don’t have time.

– We are all survivors with inner strength and the power to grow. Today Bev tells us some easy practical ways we can keep building on that. 

– Resilience can be a key attribute in life and in business, and while many things are out of our control, we always have control over our own actions. 


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