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046 The mindset you need to work with high net worth individuals with Lesley Thomas

Today I have business coach and entrepreneur, Lesley Thomas joining me. Lesley not only runs a successful ski real-estate business with her husband but also helps serviced based entrepreneurs improve their relationship with money, so today I wanted to speak to her about the mindset you need to adopt to work with high net worth individuals. 

There are a lot of assumptions that come with working with wealthy clients and these can be rooted in our own relationship with money so it’s important we know and understand where our money beliefs come from. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

  • The 8 different money archetypes, the strengths and challenges that yours can bring and how this self-awareness can improve your mindset and relationship with money.
  • How Lesley started working with high net worth clients, and how they treat every client the same regardless of their wealth.
  • We discuss the direct correlation between your relationship with money & your sense of self-worth.

Why you’ll make more money when you change your relationship to it, and how to stop getting in your own way when it comes to earning more.


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