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048 The learnings from my latest $2.9m launch

My latest launch grossed $2.9 million in sales, but you might be surprised to hear we didn’t hit our targets and this launch didn’t work out in the way we thought it would, but it was by far the most interesting launch I’ve ever done. 

I believe it’s so important to debrief and evaluate after a launch, to look at what worked, what didn’t and how to improve for next time because it’s all the little things that you implement that make all the difference. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Some of the common challenges that occur in every launch we do and how as a team we’ve learnt to navigate them. 

– We saw a new pattern of sales in this launch with clients taking more time to commit to buy. Here are some of the consumer trends I noticed and why FOMO is no longer a strong driver for sales.

– I’ll share with you what worked well partnering with affiliates and some best practices I’ve learned working with affiliates for successful launches.

– How we have made our launches stress-free and fun despite the practical and mindset challenges they inevitably bring up. 


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