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049 Harnessing the power of PR through strategic storytelling with Nicola Rowley

This week I’m joined by PR expert, Nicola Rowley. Working with entrepreneurs and brands in the entertainment and leisure industry, Nicola helps them get visible through strategic storytelling. 

Running a business is all about telling your story, telling people about you, and it’s through these relatable stories that you can really harness the power of PR. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– What PR is, how it can benefit your business, how to pitch to journalists and why it’s worth putting yourself out there. 

– The difference between PR that connects you to the right people and PR that is an external marker of success but doesn’t get you clients. 

– PR has played a vital role in growing my business and I think it’s an important part of building credibility and connecting with ideal clients, but a lot of people think they don’t have a story to tell – which simply isn’t true. Today Nicola shares how to shape relatable and strategic stories.

– Nicola’s own story that led her to start her own business using her previous experience in broadcasting and in-house PR to offer a unique and insightful service for her clients. 


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