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051 Why your voice needs to be heard on podcasts with Nina Macarie

Today I’m joined by Nina Macarie, a Podcast Outreach Manager who connects guests with podcasts giving them the platform to share their inspiring stories.

We all have valuable stories to tell that can help others feel less alone, which is something I certainly strive for on this podcast. I love to hear from people who have similar experiences, adversity or triumphs to me and my audience, and Nina’s job is to find those people, uncover those stories and get more voices heard.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How sharing your own story can be a powerful tool to boost your visibility even as an introvert, and how to overcome some of the common excuses we tell ourselves as to why we shouldn’t put ourselves out there.

– Nina’s top tips to build authentic connections with podcast hosts and successfully pitch to podcasts you’d love to be a guest on.

– How Nina has overcome her own fears around showing up and how she’s moved past feeling uncomfortable talking about herself to now embracing getting out of her comfort zone.

– Knowing and practising the core message of your business will always make for relatable inspiring storytelling, so we discuss how to retrain that voice in our head that tells us not to be outspoken, so we can all be not only seen but heard too.


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