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052 Why you’re never too old to start, with Paula Shepherd

When it comes to making money online and running an online business, age really is no barrier and you’re never too old to start. 

Just like me, Paula Shepherd made a transformational career change at 40 and now works with entrepreneurs who want to thrive in business, without being glued to social media 24/7. 

I love this conversation and I love that there are people out there showing others that you can build a business that works for you whatever your age and stage of life. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Paula shares her career journey and why she wanted to make a change, transitioning from a high flying corporate career to starting her own business that aligns with her values.

– While ego and facade can be beneficial in corporate life, Paula explains how vulnerability and honesty when starting your own business are key attributes and the importance of asking for what you need.

– Paula’s tips for building a business that doesn’t solely rely on social media for leads and sales and how to build the ‘know, trust and respect’ factor with the right people.

– How to get started if you want to make a career change and how you can build a successful business that supports the lifestyle you want and deserve.


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