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053 Starting your subscription box business, with Lauren Prentice

Today we’re talking all things subscription boxes which have seen a huge boom in popularity over the last few years.  

Joining me is subscription box expert, Lauren Prentice – a serial entrepreneur who was the first person I saw in the UK to create an outstanding subscription box service and has gone on to become a leader in this space and now teaches others how to launch a successful subscription service. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– How Lauren identified subscription boxes as an area of growth during the lockdown and a business that could be pandemic proof, provide reoccurring revenue and become a passive income stream once established.  

– Some of the common mistakes people make when launching a subscription service, why finding your niche is so important and why your product should always be solving a problem for your customer. 

– Lauren shares her personal experience as a female business owner with ADHD and the impact it’s had on running her business and how she finds success in whatever she sets her mind to. 

– Why growing your audience is vital in a subscription box business because as Lauren highlights in today’s episode, if you look after your audience, they will look after you.


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