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057 How to reframe trauma, with Alison Smith

A quick trigger warning before we start – This episode has conversations about trauma and upsetting incidents, so please skip this one if you need to. 

Alison Smith is a trauma-informed coach and EMDR therapist who works with high-functioning entrepreneurs aiding them to re-frame trauma so they are no longer held back by past experiences. 

We’ve all been through things that have a lasting impact on us, they can be big or small events, but if we can learn how to re-frame trauma we can break out of survival mode and move forward toward the life we deserve. 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– Alison’s personal story of PTSD and the events that led her into becoming a therapist after living in a state of high anxiety for years. 

– How our body’s nervous system works and why gaining an understanding of it can help to break cycles of fear and stress.

– Why trauma isn’t about what has happened to you, but how you feel internally both physically and mentally, so, Alison shares how to recognise trauma in yourself and its links to self-awareness.

– The passion and drive Alison has found in helping others overcome their trauma and PTSD and how she’s built a successful purposeful business from adversity. 


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