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058 Why gamification is going to increase your revenue, with Kimba Cooper

Gamification is a subject that has fascinated me for years and having added it to my business with great results I want to share with you today how gamification can increase your revenue.

Joining me is gamification specialist, Kimba Cooper, the expert when it comes to using game-like elements to incentivise your audience.

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– What gamification is, how it’s integrated into our everyday lives, and how you can use it in your business to drive leads and revenue.

– How to get clear on your strategy and objectives for adding gamification to your business and how to implement it in an ethical way that benefits your audience.

– Kimba shares the results she’s seen from using gamification in her own business and how some other organisations use similar strategies to motivate and reward their staff.

– There’s so much you can do with gamification and it’s an area that will continue to grow, so this episode is bound to spark lots of ideas for how you can include it in your business.


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