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Bonus Ep – How the One To Many programme helped Caroline make over £1m and impact thousands

We don’t do this very often but we have a little bonus episode for you today because I really wanted you to hear from the amazing Caroline Strawson. Caroline was part of my One To Many programme a few years ago and the amount of people she has gone on to positively impact in the years that followed is just insane. 

As a Trauma Therapist Caroline is so passionate about helping others, so I wanted to have a chat with her to understand how One To Many has helped her work with more clients and what she’s learnt along the way because it’s really important that we recognise the ripple effect helping others has. 

It really is what life is all about! 

What You’ll Learn In This Episode:

– When Caroline joined One To Many she was fully booked with 1-2-1 clients but felt burnt out. Today she shares how she’s been able to work with more people and provide financial security for herself and her children without hustling day in, day out and working round the clock. 

– To this day Caroline implements the blueprint and strategies she learned in One To Many and in this episode she tells me how these have transformed her business.

– Caroline is an expert in trauma-informed therapy and has incredible insights into healing from trauma which allow her clients to find a safe space in their bodies, get unstuck and thrive.

– I’ve worked with Caroline myself which helped me so much in running my business and enjoying life so I know you’ll take so much value from this conversation!


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