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002 – How to Make Money Without Losing Who You Are

Today, we will talk about how to make money without losing who you are. I will share my point of view on what I’ve experienced with some coaches’ shady behaviours, and the bad reputation of the online industry in general.

We will also go through the three ways to run our business with integrity, aligned with our core values.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why the online industry felt uncomfortable for me at the beginning

– Why I’ve decided to avoid using sales techniques

– How I’ve chosen to stay in the industry to change how things are done

– Why doing business with integrity is the best way of doing business

– The three ways of running our business with integrity

Choosing to do business in alignment with your values, with integrity, without being pushy or too salesy, and giving real value to your customers might not be the quickest way of making money. However, that is how you’ll develop a long term sustainable business. 


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