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015 Why Having Better Boundaries Will Make You More Successful

Today, I’m joined by a dear friend and brilliant entrepreneur, Abigail Horne. She is the Founder and Company Owner of Authors & Co, Co-Founder and Business Strategist of Female Success Network, Company Director at The Lifestyle Guru Ltd, and Author of the bestselling book “Brand Yourself Bestseller.”

In this episode, Abi helps us raise a controversial topic – boundaries. We will analyse why having more robust and better boundaries is key to having a successful business. We will share personal experiences and issues we had in our companies with boundaries, and explain what we mean when we say that the client is not always right. We also talk about the blackmailing mentality from some clients, and why the best thing to do is avoid “giving algorithms” to internet drama. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– Why how we establish boundaries is intimately linked with our success in business

– What is the best way to deal with clients badmouthing us online

– Why the customer is not always right

– Is it true that the more we give to the client, the more they want?

– What are the strategic attacks on our business before a launch, and what is the best way to deal with them

When I started my business, every mean comment about me from a customer triggered me. With time, I’ve learned that people will say nasty things about me regardless of their experience of working with me, so there is no point worrying about it. That is one more reason why we must have our boundaries in place. We shouldn’t be afraid of saying no to clients because of what they can say about us online – sometimes they will do it anyway. 


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