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001 – How to Work Less and Make More Money

In this episode, we will talk about passive income, and how to earn more money working less time. We will start by demystifying the concept of passive income, and then I’ll share some of my experiences creating passive income.

 I’ll also share the CASSH framework, a system I’ve designed to generate passive income. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

– What passive income really means

– What are the best ways to generate passive income

– How I transitioned from trading time for money to creating passive income

– The five steps of the CASSH framework

When we exchange our time for money, even when that time is sold at a high price, we are operating in a business model that is not scalable. We have a limited number of hours to sell, and the chances of burning out are big. On the other hand, passive or semi-passive income are scalable and replicable business models; they require effort and hard work at the beginning, and then they become easier with time. 


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