“Your strategy is your fundamental platform for success”
Lisa Johnson
Global Business Strategist
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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is a business strategist, a public speaker, a bestselling author, number one podcast host and an advocate for integrity and ethical behaviour in an online world that seems to be moving further and further away from these values.

Lisa grew her business from 30k in debt to multi-7-figures in less than 4 years without ever stooping to the unethical and frankly shady methods often employed in the online world.

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Strategy is at the very core of any successful and sustainable business…

She firmly believes strategy is at the very core of any successful and sustainable business, yet so often sees entrepreneurs focus on working in their businesses rather than on them.

Lisa teaches that your strategy is your fundamental platform for success. No matter how great your service or your product is, you will not achieve consistent success without this stable foundation. 

That’s why she teaches aspiring businesses how to do precisely this. How to maximise their potential, reduce their hours and increase their revenue. She calls this creating a CEO Mindset. 

Lisa likes to keep things simple, because business does not have to be complicated.

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Embrace the process,
trust the process,
follow the process.

Her learnings, her successes, her failures and her unshakeable belief in what she has created led her to found That Strategy Co in 2023.

Within this inspirational space, That Strategy Co provides CPD certified business trainings, alongside courses and memberships suitable for beginners right through to 7 figure business owners, all created and presented in the welcoming, professional, efficient and “sleazy sales jargon” free, That Strategy Co way.
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