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Make Money Online

In 2023 Lisa’s first book – Make Money Online – was published. Lisa wanted to summarise everything she had learnt and everything she teaches and package it up into an easily digestible book.

It is a simple to follow and straightforward guide through the world of passive income. There are no complicated plans or tech troubles; just a simple step-by-step approach using her patented system to earning money either as a side hustle or as your main business, without ever trading time for money.

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  • Lisa writes delightfully tongue-in-cheek, with loads of personal anecdotes and wonderful success story client case studies to keep the reader engaged. AND there's all the money-making tools!
    Mrs. G. Edwards
  • I think the fact that I read from cover to cover in just over 3 hours, as someone that usually takes days if not weeks, shows that I was hooked from the very first word.
  • If you buy one business book for a small start up online, this is the one!
  • Lisa Johnson quite simply put is the Queen and absolute expert at what she does.
    Lady W
  • Lisa Johnson is the most open and honest entrepreneur and business coach in the online world. Everything she says, does and writes is full of passion and integrity. If you want to make money online, this is the book and person that you need in your life.
    Ria Hall